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Actor Jang Hyun Sung speaks up for the first time about signing with YG Entertainment!

Back in January, it was reported that plethora of actors signed on with YG Entertainment. This included actor Jang Hyun Sung, whom many may recognize from ‘Three Days’ or ‘Superman is Back’ in which he appears with adorable sons Jun Woo and Jun Su.  

Sports DongA recently published an interview they had with him earlier in April, revealing his thoughts on working with his new agency, YG Entertainment.  

Jang Hyun Sung said,I honestly know that I don’t match well with YG (’s image).  For some reason, when you say you’re signed with YG, there’s that image that you shouldn’t even wear a plain hat. I think that’s why people are curious about my choosing YG.”

He continued, “My contract with the company I’ve worked with for so long ended and I was looking for a different place and around that time I was told, ‘How about YG?’”

Jang Hyun Sung said, “Honestly, I had my doubts about whether it was right to have young people be trainees at the peak of their youth when they had to take in a lot of thoughts or to make music that was quick to consume. However, they exert a lot of effort to make high quality content and I learned that they were a healthier group than I previously thought, which is how I joined YG.”

Source: Sports DongA

Translated by: AKP


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